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Utah’s ‘secrets’ out of the bag

When it comes to economic measurements, most states have experienced decreased output, a loss of jobs and budget shortfalls during the recent economic downturn.  But according to rankings published on 10.13.2010  “…some areas are doing better than others, and for many of them, it isn’t an accident. Who’s doing the best job when it comes to fostering growth? Utah, according to our fifth annual look at the Best States for Business. The Beehive State captured the top spot in our rankings for the first time, after a four-year run by Virginia at the head of the list.”  One of Utah’s strengths is its educated workforce:  90 percent of residents hold high school diplomas, 29 percent have college degrees.  Read more in

And that’s not all.  An article “Utah’s Secret: Changing with the times is part of it” in the October 2010 issue of Planning, the magazine of the American Planning Association, says, “While much of the nation sputters along, Utah continues to reinvent itself in dramatic ways.”  The cover story also includes a side bar on the burgeoning planning department in the U’s College of Architecture + Planning.  Says Dean Brenda Scheer, “What drew me here was the exceptional profile of the state–and the understanding that things weren’t going to be the same here as on the East Coast and in the Midwest, where I had been before.”   The planning department has grown from one to seven faculty, attracting national experts from Virginia, Arizona and New Jersey to focus on the challenges facing rapidly growing cities from Utah’s unique vantage point.

What’s next from Utah? Stay tuned.

  • UtahCCW

    I have read about how many businesses are moving to Utah as a result of the friendlier business climate. It is nice to see this more formally reflected.