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Understanding Wasatch Weather


Unseasonable may be a gross understatement about January’s weather in Utah so far. Temps in the 50s and no snow–now or in the forecast. Jim Steenburgh, U of U professor of atmospheric sciences weighs in on the current dry spell and whether it is a change, trend, or anomaly. Steenburgh notes that “Utah is an interesting place to forecast the weather because the topography is so complicated. There is a jumble of mountain ranges upstream that chew up all these weather systems and that’s one of the things that makes our job a little more difficult here.” Listen to the whole interview on KCPW’s “CityViews” with Jennifer Napier-Pearce.

Explore the website to learn more about the U’s programs in atmospheric sciences, including mountain meteorology. And if you really want the story behind what’s happening outside, check out Prof. Steenburgh’s blog about Wasatch Weather.