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Ultimate Stress Reliever Knits Campus Together

OMG. Knitting? That’s like when the retired, grey haired grandmas get together to make garish-colored afghans from acrylic yarn. Blah.

Well, it can be. But more often than not these days, it means young, hip, busy professionals taking a break from their hectic, screen-based lives. They know that even a few minutes a day letting elegant natural fibers in luscious colors run through their fingers in pursuit of a stylish shawl, hoodie or shrug can be as good a stress reliever as massage.

Most Fridays at noon you can see for yourself—in the lobby of the U’s Warnock Engineering Building, of all places. That’s where (believe it or not) a clutch of determined crafters from all over the U get together to relax for an hour. Yeah, there is one greyed hair grandma (that would be me). The other regulars are an E.E. undergraduate, a Ph.D. in math (soon moving to take a teaching position at the University of British Columbia, boo hoo), a staffer in the U’s publications department, and a bird biology Ph.D. student. Recent projects providing tactile relief were a lacy white wedding shawl, a navy blue Aran pullover, and always a pair of socks.

The siren song of yarn, calling to me.

The siren song of socks.

Don’t scoff. Once you pull on a pair of hand-knit socks made of Italian merino wool, you’ll wish you knew a knitter. Or, how to become one.

There’s lots of room at the table. If you know the difference between acrylic and merino, or want to learn, drop by any Friday. If nothing else, it gives the engineering guys something new to look at.