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This Dog’s For U

I think it’s time we came to our senses and started offering Doggy Daycare on campus. Don’t you agree? (All the tongues come out and the tails start wagging!)

I’m sure this is not a new idea.  I know I’m not the first person on campus to think of this brilliant plan. Doggy Daycare on campus. Why don’t we have it? I imagine there are a myriad of legalities someone is ready to list for me, and I do have a tiny bit of sympathy for those poor souls who are allergic to canines or may have a very real fear of them or, sadly, just flat out don’t like our hairy and/or furry friends. But what dog-loving member of the vast U of U family wouldn’t give her/his right paw to bring Spot to campus in the morning, deposit him nearby with lots of friends to exercise and play with and then at lunchtime/class break spend a fun-filled hour together walking the beautiful campus grounds or jogging the Shoreline trails without wasting any commute time? The minimal fees needed to run this operation (due to all the more-than-willing volunteers!) could easily be payroll-deducted for participating employees.

Certainly we have the clientele to support such an endeavor on campus. I look around my own office with a staff of 27 people.  I think we’re close to 14 DOGS! We could literally support our OWN doggy daycare.

Instead our puppies are consigned to a rushed morning walk in the dark and then have nothing to look forward to but a long day of waiting, pining for their masters to end the monotonous routine.

I say, why not Doggy Daycare at the U? This would be a wonderful benefit for the U community – a perk, a morale boost, everyone could volunteer time and get involved. It could open up a wonderful learning opportunity for our students; the possibilities are endless! But let’s face it, I really just miss my dogs.

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