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The University of Utah’s Startups Cited in Salt Lake City’s Top Business Ranking

Where in the world would you find one of 15 hottest, up-and-coming cities for conducting business? That’s a question posed by Fortune Magazine when it recently set out to find the next business hot spots.

That would be Salt Lake City, Utah, which is—not coincidentally—the home of the University of Utah. The U, as Fortune pointed out in its commentary about the factors that foster innovation, claims the top spot in the nation for start-up companies from university research led by the Office of Technology Venture Development

Other factors favoring Salt Lake’s business climate are its productive workforce, low taxes and low-cost utilities. And that is not to mention its gorgeous landscape and easy access to a multitude of outdoor activities that make living here so attractive to entrepreneurs and workers alike.

Follow this link (and click on Salt Lake City) to read more about the Fortune list of top emerging cities.

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