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The Start of Something Big

Well, we made it—twelve hours in the air with a four-hour layover. Fortunately, the entire trip was blissfully uneventful. Boring and mind-numbing, but uneventful. Even so, I’m hoping one of the USTAR scientists invents that whole Star Trek “beam me up” technology before we have to fly home.

The choir members, as you might expect, had their own spin on this travel. Some stayed up all Sunday night to pack and prep, and still managed to arrive fresh faced at the SLC airport thanks to “twenty minutes sleep and two very strong cups of coffee.” Others packed days in advance and yet wandered the boarding gate with the haunted look of someone who knows she forgot something but cannot imagine what it might be.

And then there was one bass (who shall remain nameless to protect his parents from unnecessary heartburn) who slept through his alarm and a frantic text from Dr. Allred, and ran down the concourse just as the doors of the plane were closing. Crisis narrowly but gratefully averted.

We arrived in Prague Tuesday morning and spent a groggy few hours touring parts of the city before arriving at our hotel. The architecture is amazing! Where is Dean Scheer when I need her?

Best overheard lines on the choir bus: “This place is beautiful. It’s Prague-tastic!” “Everything is so amazing. I wish it were real. Wait…am I dreaming?”

And this surprising discovery: The choir members were wearing their University of Utah Singers hoodies all day. I was astonished how often I overheard people read the embroidery and comment about the University. It was like trailing a walking billboard.