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Team Up to Drive Down Your Miles

Clear the Air Challenge 2014

Join thousands of fellow University of Utah employees and students by taking part in the 2014 Clear the Air Challenge from July 1-31.

The annual Clear the Air Challenge is all about helping motivate us to do our part to improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion, conserve energy and save money by using TRAVELWise strategies to “drive down our miles.” During the month-long challenge, you can team up with others at the University of Utah and across the state to make a difference. The summer ozone pollution season has begun, so now is a great time to make daily transportation choices that contribute to healthier air. For those who already regularly ride UTA, carpool, bicycle, or walk, the challenge will help show how your choices save money and reduce emissions.

This year, the Clear the Air Challenge has a new and improved TRAVELWise tracker system. The new tool makes it easier to record your trips and track your progress. It also allows you to map your trips and review your transportation options by various modes.

To participate this year, you will need to set up a new registration here. It only takes a minute, and you can now sign up with an existing Facebook account or with your email address.

When you register, choose an existing University of Utah team (or “network”) from the “Search Teams and Networks” box. University of Utah teams are named “U of U [name of department or unit]”. Please also choose the main “University of Utah” team in addition to your specific department, unit, or group from the drop-down list. This will help us track overall participation.

If we all do a little, we can collectively make a big difference. With cleaner air we all win. Register now.

Amy Wildermuth
Interim Chief Sustainability Officer
The University of Utah


    Excellent idea. Carpooling, bicycling, and walking can help reduce air pollution significantly. We should all do our part to reduce emissions. These are great short-term solutions until there are more affordable electric vehicles available. (which are on the way)


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