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Take a Longer View of Election Day


The 2012 American elections are finally upon us. A new book by a University of Utah professor provides anopportunity to step back from the immediacy of debates, campaign ads and stump speeches to think about elections in a broader and more historical context.

The new book, ” The Most Fundamental Right: Contrasting Perspectives on the Voting Rights Act” is edited by Dan McCool, professor of political science at the U. “The Most Fundamental Right” is described as “an effort to understand the debate over the Act and its role in contemporary American democracy. Is the VRA the cornerstone of civil rights law that prevents unfair voting practices, or is it an anachronism that no longer serves American democracy?”

McCool talked about the book and the VRA on KCPW’s “CityViews” Oct. 23, stating his position that the Act was the “crowning achievement of the Civil Rights movement. ” Listen to the entire interview here: CityViews.

More about the book is available from the publisher, Indiana University Press.