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Op/Ed: Blame Unrealistic Expectations

The New York Times opinion section online recently tackled the arrest of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales and how it has raised questions about multiple deployments. Would military conscription help

Soldiers with American Flag in Parade

Room for Debate: How Can We Prevent Military Suicides?

The situation: "The statitistics are endlessly grim:  From 2005 to 2010, service members have killed themselves approximately once every 36 hours. For veterans, the rate is estimated at

Vet Day 2008

When will every day be Veteran’s Day?

--by Kate Ferebee, U of U Veterans Day Commemoration Committee 2010 “No dogs or soldiers allowed on the lawn.” That’s how a recent U of U Veterans Day

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RedThread Retiring

It’s been a good run all, but RedThread is ready for retirement. We’re consolidating with FYI, our faculty and staff newsletter, to create a comprehensive, campus-wide online publication dubbed @TheU, where you can find information for all of the …

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