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Photo by Sampson.

Antarctica 2012: A Homeward Bound A/aurora

 We reached the marginal ice zone (miz) six days after we started moving. A barbeque was scheduled to celebrate reaching the ice edge, and a collective

Tween_Deck_Small - David Lubbers

Antarctica 2012: The 360-Degree View

Editor's note: David sent several panoramic compositions of different areas of the ship, some containing over 50 images stitched together. The files are too large for the confines of


Antarctica 2012: Thankful for Freedom

We are all anxious to get home, and we are now officially going to be arriving late. Flights will need to be changed, meetings rescheduled, and we will

Minke whale surfacing, photo by Christian Sampson

Antarctica 2012: Halloween Heyday

The ice relaxed briefly, a welcome site following our five stationary days within the last floe system. We pushed and pushed ahead, making very slow progress. After nearly

7 A-surreal-scene-in-Antarctica

Antarctica 2012 — Work:Play

The weather has not been favorable to those aboard the Aurora. The ice pack completed its stranglehold on us, finally pinning our ship into place. We have been


Antarctica 2012: Aurora’s Heart, Home Away From Home

I often find myself musing over the importance of scale. A pebble seems insignificant until you try to push a shopping cart wheel over it. The sun warms

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