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Stephen Colbert gets schooled by U.S. Speedskating mental coach, U prof Nicole Miller

Hello All!  Thanks for checking out this blog.

So I just got back from The Colbert Report in NYC.  It was quite an amazing experience.  I had a blast!  Prior to the taping I was able to go on the set and check it out.  I was able to get my picture taken behind his C desk and hang out for a bit with his crew – who, by the way, are really cool people (but I think that’s a requirement for getting to work with Stephen – probably on the job description).  Jessica and I were actually on the set with Stephen for approximately 4 minutes that were edited out of the segment.  Those clips included me teaching him how to visualize shooting a wadded up piece of paper into a trash can approximately 20 feet away.  When he took the shot, it banked off the back, the side, then bounced it.  Stephen pointed at me and yelled, “You Failed!!!”.  It was really funny.  That segment probably would have made the show had he made the shot.

When all was said and done, we had an amazing time.  I look forward to “working” with him in Vancouver!

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  • shamrockgirl

    No matter what they cut out – how small the segment – all of us loved seeing you on the show. You have a lot of people – including your family – who are very proud of you, Nicole. Looking forward to hearing updates from the Olympics. It will make the entire experience more special having someone we know as part of the event.