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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (SYTYCD) –Los Angles. We have the final twenty. Finally.

There’s not much to say about a SYTYCD show in which there was no actually dancing. At least we now have the top twenty, making my job a lot easier with complete dance numbers and the same dancers seen weekly.

Though I am still unfamiliar with some of the final twenty, I’m going to predict that contemporary dancer Billy Bell is going to make it into the finals and could easily win. First, his dancing is phenomenal. Second, I think being a contemporary dancer gives him an edge. That’s because he’s already practiced at dealing with diverse dance styles. Of all dance forms, contemporary has the least codified movement vocabulary – a limited set of moves and steps that are used in the dances. In contemporary dance, each artist strives to develop his or her own unique style and therefore simply by working with different choreographers and teachers means learning how to completely switch the ways in which one dances.

Kathryn, who couldn’t make it through a complete sentence without bursting into tears and getting overly emotional, made it into the final twenty. In fact, we had quite a few criers on this week’s show. Yes, dance and the audition process in particular is emotional, but get a thicker skin. Kathryn’s behavior shows a lack of maturity, when a mature sense of self is needed to be a great dancer. None of the female criers I predict are going to make it very far in the competition; I would be fine with no Kathryn at all.

Let’s see how my predictions hold up.

  • jpmyers

    SPOILER ALERT (though more like BREAKING NEWS alert):
    Looks like Billy had to drop out already because of illness:

    Sad, because it would be amazing to see how he would do in this competition.

    I’m personally looking forward to seeing how the Krumper and Break Dancer do this year – especially because they both seemed to do so well in the other styles, despite having considerable training in contemporary or jazz.