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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (SYTYCD) – Elimination round #7 – The final 6, but the wrong 6.

The show got it wrong this week in who went and who stayed. Ashleigh who did not dance should have gone. Not because she is a bad dancer but because she didn’t compete due to a shoulder injury. The fact that I can’t really remember her dancing from the week before indicates that there was nothing truly unique about her. I feel she got a lot of sympathy votes. Ryan’s tearful plea for her also didn’t hurt.

Mollee should not have gone. I can hardly believe I’m saying this. Week after week, I’ve been down on her, and had her as the one to go. This week, when she truly came into her own, she’s off the show. Mollee was strong in the slow waltz but brilliant in Broadway, doing some of the best dancing of the week. She, along with Jakob, who may be largely responsible for her looking so good, had great character and style. The two of them had chemistry and their unison was spot on. Mollee’s solo was also her best so far; she’s grown a lot these past few weeks.

Ryan should have gone. Again, not because he is isn’t a good dancer. He’s probably the best, most trustworthy, strongest and dependable partner of all the men. But he is also probably the most one-dimensional of the remaining men. It’s hard for him to fully abandon his ballroom training at the consequence of fully embracing other styles. Did he make it into the final six more because he’s a big, strong, handsome, sexy man?

Legacy should not have gone. He was screwed, along with Ellenore, by having the one weak dance number of this week’s show. Tabitha and Napoleon’s Hip Hop routine went nowhere. It was an interesting premise using masks and playing with the front and back sides of the body, but the gimmick was too limited to advance the choreography. Instead, there was too much fussing about with clothing. Legacy is a more versatile dancer than Ryan and more adept at extending beyond his signature movement style. His solos are always interesting and also more unique than Ryan’s.

Jakob had better win. He’s able to make everything look effortless. I’ve learned a lot from watching Jakob dance, in how the clarity of his line and his ability to give the viewer crystalline moments of shape clarifies the movement and his dancing. He is clearly the better dancer. If he doesn’t, then the voting is not about dancing but personality and sex appeal. Russell could be a strong contender in the area of personality. He genuinely seems to be having fun when he dances and can immerse himself in the character. One nice thing to note is that half of the finalists are from Utah. There’s good and diverse training here and a culture that accepts dance, particularly men in dance. Utah has always done well on SYTYCD and should continue to do so in the future.

  • joan

    I thought the judges were very kind to Ashleigh and Ryan last night, as their personal circumstances–marriage, injury, past injury–seemed to override the dancing itself. I hope the audience doesn’t confuse the issues. I would also like to see Jacob win; however, I wouldn’t be surprised if Russell grabs the top spot. He does “exude joy” and is brilliant for that. But, as you say, Jacob makes you see dance differently–as shaping space. He rewards your brain, which is a very rare thing.

  • robbyhakim

    thanks for the article. i love it :)