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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (SYTYCD) – Elimination round #4 – 12 left/Some grow, some don’t.

Going couple by couple:
Ashleigh and Jakob – Hip-hop. Jakob remains my choice to win the competition; he’s got it all, technique and personality. Ashleigh has really grown and become a contender. While I liked the dancing, choreographically things didn’t make sense. If really fighting with each other, then why dance in unison/in sync? Also, why would you partner each other where the lifts are supportive and require trust? It seems at odds with the choreographic premise.

Karin and Kevin – Broadway. Kevin did better this week but still looked uncomfortable, under-embodied and lacked detail. Karin was much fuller and more believable in her movement and character. Kevin again pulled Karin down with him. It will be interesting to see how she does with a new partner. No more blaming things on Kevin.

Noelle and Russell – Foxtrot. They did fine but the number was not particularly memorable. I would have put these guys in the bottom six. I didn’t feel there was much chemistry between them and together they were trying too hard to make it work. Ballroom should look effortless. Though the judges complimented Russell on his physical command, I thought he looked worried about the choreography.

Channing and Victor – Jazz. I felt they were sharp, clear and precise in movement detail. Their physical quality matched the choreography, light and effortless. I was surprised to see them in the bottom six.

Kathryn and Legacy – Paso double. Their physicality, embodying bravado, nicely matched the passion of the dance and music. Legacy is going to be a finalist, partly on his sex appeal, but he certainly can dance.

Ellenore and Ryan – Contemporary. Both learned from last week being in the bottom six. They took their dancing up a notch, both technically and in commitment, and are now real contenders. They had great and believable connection, and danced with confidence and trust in each other. It also helped that they got the best choreography of the show. I liked that the choreography wasn’t jammed packed, as are most numbers. Things were nicely timed, the choreography flowed and breathed, and pauses added texture and meaning.

Mollee and Nathan – Pop jazz. This was the weakest choreography of the night, a mishmash of steps, many of them quite silly and others unoriginal, – steps from a class recital. These guys are at a disadvantage because of their age. They’ve got the energy, but can lack in physical maturity and nuance.

Of the bottom six, no one’s solo was spectacular. Karin didn’t use space. Kevin seemed very light when he needed weight and gravity. Channing’s movement was very typical though she was passionate and risky. Victor, so-so. Both Mollee and Nathan gave it all they had, spiking their solos with enough tricks to last a lifetime. The show got it right with Kevin; he should have gone. I would have eliminated Mollee over Channing; Channing has more depth. Let’s see if Mollee and Nathan can overcome their youth. They certainly have the teen vote on their side.