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Russia Blocks UN Action in Syria

photo credit: MaggieOsama_Flickr

Casey L. Coombs, who holds a Master of Science in International Affairs and Global Enterprise from the U, is serving a fellowship in New York as United Nations correspondent for the Diplomatic Courier. In his report today on the World Policy Institute’s blog, Coombs considers the implications for Syria and the rest of the Middle East of Russia’s recent non-action at the UN Security Council.

“Under most other circumstances, Russia’s reluctance to dole out sanctions would come as little surprise, given the Kremlin’s aversion to meddling in the internal affairs of others. But as Churkin’s response to Muammar Gaddafi’s iron-fisted crackdown illustrated only months earlier, the wave of popular uprisings sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East represents an exceptional threat to international peace and security which, if ignored, could lead to a region-wide revolution.”  Read more…

RedThread will continue to link to Casey’s reports during his tenure covering the UN. And he can be followed on Twitter at @Macoombs.