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Room for Debate: How Can We Prevent Military Suicides?

Soldiers with American Flag in Parade

The situation: “The statitistics are endlessly grim:  From 2005 to 2010, service members have killed themselves approximately once every 36 hours. For veterans, the rate is estimated at once every 80 minutes. Why do so many current and former service members, including those who are never deployed, kill themselves? How can the U.S. reduce that suicide rate?”

The ensuing discussion in the New York Times includes the opinion of M. David Rudd, noted psychologist who has studied suicide–in and out of the military–his entire career. Rudd is dean of the U’s College of Social and Behavioral Science and scientific director of the National Center for Veterans Studies. Read his perspective, “The Mounting Toll of a 10-Year War,” and others’ in the discussion at the Times Room for Debate.


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