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Raising Salt Lake’s Granary District


In the current issue of 15 Bytes, University of Utah planning department chair Nan Ellin writes of the experience so far to renew the Granary District, a long-standing industrial section of Salt Lake City. Around 100 U students in the College of Architecture + Planning have been involved in the work to date.  Ellin posits the notion that the efforts are not about “razing” an area that has outlived its industrial nature but rather one of “raising” a neighborhood that harkens to its hands-on roots and brings new life there.

“We don’t want another Gateway” is the common refrain echoed by those who live, work, and play in the Granary District. Almost everyone interviewed by a group of University of Utah students over the past year concurred that the success of the district itself, as well as the value it brings to the region, relies upon protecting and enhancing its unique qualities. Instead of beginning with a “tabula rasa” — a clean (or literally, erased) slate, as Gateway did, it is essential to recognize these gems and polish them. Rather than raze what is there to start anew, we need to raise up from what already exists. … Read more at 15 Bytes.

Stay in touch with what’s happening in the Granary District–including a Block Party on Friday, June 15th–by checking out the website. And read more about the project in the  June 7 issue of the Salt Lake Tribune.