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Pro & Con: Should president reinstate ‘enhanced interrogation’ tools?


Torture is illegal, immoral and ineffective.  So argues University of Utah professor of law Amos Guiora in response to claims that the killing of bin Laden demonstrates the validity and effectiveness of such techniques. Professor Guiora and co-author Laurie Blank, director of Emory University’s International Humanitarian Law Clinic, argue in a point/counterpoint to Mark Thiessen that reviving debates about torture distracts from the real story in two significant ways. First, the extraordinarily difficult and painstaking intelligence work of “connecting the dots” that made this raid possible is the backbone of counterterrorism, not torture. Second, although the attack was an unquestioned operational success, it has as yet unknown strategic ramifications that must demand the full attention of the Administration, Congress and American people. 

Read the entire piece in the May 11th issue of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

See also Prof. Guiora’s recent op/ed in The Jurist on the legal, geopolitical and strategic issues raised by bin Laden’s death.