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Partners in the Park Connects the U with West-Side Neighborhoods

Partners in the Park

The University of Utah Neighborhood Partners presents “Partners in the Park”, a five-week summer program that brings faculty, staff, students and west-side residents together in local neighborhood parks.

The program connects potential students with the U and other institutions of higher education, raising their awareness of and access to the lifelong value of higher education. Held Tuesdays throughout the summer, the program draws upwards of 1,000 residents and University members. Activities include a magic show, Frisbee contests, kickball, soccer, temporary tattooing, balloon relay races, raffles, hat making, tae kwon do, gardening activities, bingo, zumba, jump rope and face painting. Free picnic dinner is served to attendees at each event.

For schedule and location info for this summer’s Partners in the Park, click here.

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Partners in the Park 3

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