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Op/Ed: Blame Unrealistic Expectations


The New York Times opinion section online recently tackled the arrest of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales and how it has raised questions about multiple deployments. Would military conscription help alleviate the stress of combat? M. David Rudd, dean of the University of Utah College of Social and Behavioral Science–and former Army officer–weighed in on a discussion in the Times’ “Room for Debate”  section March 20. Points of view include those from a retired Air Force general to a U.S. congressman to a British military analyst. Read Dean Rudd’s perspective and the whole discussion at “Room for Debate.”

  • UtahCCW

    Having been deployed multiple times myself, I think that one of the problems is that service members are often reluctant to get help when they have psychological issues associated with the stresses of combat. This is often due to their fear that some information divulged could hurt them in the future.