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Manhattan Madness

As I lay fast asleep on a Saturday morning a familiar sound woke me. No, it was not the sound of birds chirping or a rooster crowing. Not even the sound of an alarm clock telling me it was time to drag my butt out of bed. What woke me this Saturday morning was a sound that had done the same the previous five nights; it was the sound of car horns being honked one after another, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Oddly enough, I had only been in Manhattan six days and the sound had already become familiar to me. I checked my phone and hopped out of bed. I rushed to the bathroom to shower and get ready for another busy day. Everything seems to run a lot faster in New York City. That is why you hear car horns every other second; everyone is trying to get somewhere.
I was in New York City all last week with a group called Pathways to New York. This is a program that takes the top students from Utah and sets up workshops and appointments to shadow companies in their field of study. There were workshops on resume building, interviewing, finding a job, networking, setting yourself apart as a candidate for a job and others. My favorite was a workshop on finding a job. Because of the current economic crisis, job finding is worrisome. I learned that most jobs never become posted publically. They are found by networking. I also learned a few tips on finding a job such as shadowing companies and interviewing them without asking for a job. This sets you apart from other people because you are only gathering information and trying to become a more marketable candidate. When employers see this they take notice, and you are the first person that they think of when a position does come open.
I was able to shadow advertising, media, and PR companies. A few included Mediavest, Hunter PR, Y & R Advertising. It was fun to see marketing in its full form. You have advertising companies that brainstorm and come up with actual advertising plans. They work with the client to decide which areas of advertising are the best;, they create the actual advertising pieces and control the client’s advertising budget. After the advertising is created, the media companies find the best places to advertise. They find the right magazines to advertise in, the time and station on which to run a TV ad, and other ways of running the advertisement. PR companies work every day to find ways to get free publicity. These would include the front page of The New York Times, on a talk show, or a press conference. PR companies try to get their clients publicity money can’t buy.
New York is a fast-paced place. It is full of opportunity and companies that span the world. I had a great time on this trip and suggest every student broaden his or her horizon and look for opportunities such as this.


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    In Europe dfs madness has started.