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Lectures as Unique as Utah


Two upcoming lectures on the University of Utah campus may hold particular appeal for those interested in conundrums with connections to Utah.

The first is about Everett Ruess, young artist and writer, who travelled the southwest and disappeared in Utah’s Escalante region in 1934 at age 20. Ruess’ linoleum prints of nature and his mysterious disappearance have become legendary. Award-winning journalist Philip Fradkin will discuss his latest book “Everett Reuss, His Short Life, Mysterious Death and Astonishing Afterlife” at the J.W. Marriott Library on Sunday, September 25 from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. More on Fradkin and details of the lecture are available at

Often tied to Utah, the concept of plural marriage actually traces back to Illinois according to George Smith, president and co-founder of publisher Signature Books. Smith will discuss his latest book “Nauvoo Polygamy…but we called it celestial marriage” in a lecture titled “1841: The Illinois Roots of Utah Polygamy” at the Library on Sunday, October 9 from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. More details can be found at

Both lectures are free and open to the public. 

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