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I’m Gonna Sing

Let’s just start with this fact: The Hungarians are crazy about the University of Utah Singers. At least, the ones who’ve attended recent concerts act that way.

The choir’s performance at the Spring Festival in Telki was another evening when audience members would gladly have kept the choir for another hour or two of music. As it was, the 60-minute concert stretched into 90 minutes as the standing-room only crowd clapped and clapped, begging for just one more song.

Telki is a small town about 20 km from Budapest, with a history that traces back to the early 1200s. The town’s church is small, but on this night every pew was packed solid, and crowds jammed the vestibule and choir loft. Two groups performed before the Singers and received polite applause; when the Singers began their first number, The Singing Heart, you could see people suddenly perk up and get excited. By the time Alasdair started his solo the audience was already won over.

Just before the concert began, a couple stopped me and asked in broken English if I was part of the choir. I explained that I was helping out, and asked if they wanted someone in particular. No, they explained, they were from Bucharest and were just sorry more people in the city hadn’t known the choir was performing locally. “You should have let us know,” they gently reprimanded me. “There would have been even more people here.” I apologized but looked around the room and wondered where one more soul might have fit. Afterwards, I saw them talking with David Martin. Hopefully he was giving them directions about the two remaining performances the choir has in Hungary.

University Singers perform at a SRO performance in Telki, Hungary.

University Singers perform at a SRO performance in Telki, Hungary.

The Singers participate in two masses Sunday and Monday, and then head out to Varazdin in Croatia. Hopefully, that will give me time to share some memories of the Czech Republic…and some great quotes that were overhead on the choir bus.

  • DrP

    Hey U Singers, I’m so insanely proud of each of you. Your accomplishments and commitment to singing are truly inspirational to the School of Music and the University. My congratulations to you and Dr. Allred on your success and best wishes for continued achiements. Take really good care of your voices, lots of water and MORE sleep! DrP

  • gonoszbanya

    To the writer of “I’m Gonna Sing”

    Maybe next time when you travel to a country (especially when you write and publish articles about it) I woud recommend you to double check your facts!!!In your place I definitly would not tell the next Hungarian you meet that you have been in Telki which and I quote “is a small town about 20 km from Bucharest”…

    • Mark My Words

      Mea Culpa! I meant Budapest! I knew it was Budapest!

  • fenyesnapsugar

    Let me start with another fact, there is something else Hungarians crazy about… and that is knowing geography correctly!
    I would appreciate if you would review your geographic knowledge before you post an article. Bucharest is in Romania not in Hungary! The capital of Hungary you meant to refer to is Budapest.

    I am glad to hear otherwise that the U of U Singers made it that far and had great success. Let’s hope they will have more opportunity to introduce themselves around Hungary in the future.

    • Mark My Words

      Sorry! You are right, of course. I was tired and in a hurry and let this slip by. My apologies and thank you for catching it!