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“Hang Up and Drive!”

The data show it's dangerous, possibly addicting. Experts agree, but trouble is on the horizon.

When Oprah, the Magliozzi Brothers (of Car Talk fame) and the Salt Lake Tribune all agree, it might be time to pay attention. David Strayer points out in his dispatch from the recent Distracted Driving Summit in Washington DC that government officals, law enforcement and activists are–but very troubling is that car and tech manufacturers are not.  (According to an AP story on September 8, 2010, GM is testing a voice command to update one’s Facebook status.)  Read Dr. Strayer’s take on the Summit here from Car Talk’s Driver Distraction Center blog.  Strayer, professor of psychology and head of the Applied Cognition Lab at the U has studied cognitive distraction for years and the data speaks volumes.

Meanwhile, are YOU still texting/talking while driving?  Why?