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Getting Ready for Turkey, Bursa, Turkey, That Is.

Six of us social work faculty are preparing departure to Bursa, Turkey, via Istanbul for the Alliance of UniversRuthiRuth ties for Democracy (AUDEM) conference. AUDEM is a collaboration of American and Eastern European counties that are interested in promoting the development of democratic values, civil society, civic engagement, and intercultural understanding through international exchange among institutions of higher education. This is the 20th year for AUDEM.

  • audemutah

    Ruth and Norma arrived in Istanbul. Stand by for pictures of the Blue Mosque and other sites. Awaiting the arrival of Scott, Mary Beth, Rosie plus Lazi and Adrian from Gonzaga

  • RuthPhD

    Norma and I have had incredible conversations with a wide variety of individuals in Istanbul. One gentleman shared with us his story of growin up in a large family in the country “it was important for parents in the country to have many children, to own, to work the land, in order to ensure enough children my father had to take another wife…he had two wives (not sure how many girlfriends), we all worked hard and were happy…today I have one wife and one son, it is enoughl”

    Scott Sorensen and I had the opportunity to speak with a man who was living in the U.S. during 9-11. He spoke of his fear of being in the States especially as a single father “my wife had left me and the children..” he spoke of some “young men from Utah, I called them Alders…they came in to my home cooked for me helped me with the children, I went to visit them in Utah, in Salt Lake City before returning to Turkey.” He spoke futher of the dark clouds that seem to be lifting off of the U.S. Our countries are doing better, kind of like before…”

    What an experience to have this cn the street conversations with everyday people.