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Getting excited to view new Antarctic data


In just a few more days, the Antarctic expedition team will begin their trip home.  When they get back to New Zealand and finally Salt Lake City, familiar items will be reintroduced.  Cell phones, facebook, reliable email, and money will all be remembered.  They will no longer be isolated.

Besides a few penguins stowed away in their luggage (ha), they will also return will lots of new valuable data on percolation, conductivity, and permittivity.  I am very excited to look at this data.  When I accompanied Professor Golden to Antarctica in 2007, we returned with some great data.  However, this time they brought down some new instruments that are able to do some new experiments.  Among these new instruments is a cross polarizing setup that will give accurate assessments of the crystal structure of the sea ice and an electronic device that is much more sensitive and has a broader range of frequencies.  Hopefully these have helped obtain even better data than what we gathered in 2007!

Until that time, to remember my own experience of coming home, I will eat a “normal” hamburger (without a beet and egg, which the New Zealanders and Australians love) and maybe some Mexican food (which they don’t have)…  both of which I dearly missed while I was in Antarctica.  However, they will definitely find that the adventure, experience, and data were worth it!