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First Day of School

first_day_school_LSchool starts on Monday. It seems like the summer went by rather quickly, but it is over and nothing I do will bring it back, so I look toward Monday and another semester. My books are bought… it seems they get more expensive every year… my backpack is packed, and I am ready for a full semester, or am I? I have five classes on campus this semester and I had to buy 13 books. I really hope I don’t have to carry them all… I’d have to buy another backpack or rent a small trailer. Every semester there is something I forgot, or something I just wasn’t ready for. There are new teachers to meet, new classrooms, new schedules, and new material. One of my teachers has homework already posted online and the warning of a quiz on Friday. Nothing like jumping in with both feet! There is a special something about the beginning of school though. Aside from the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, there is a change in the air. There is an anticipation that can be felt the moment you walk on campus. As I sat on the bench waiting for the shuttle today I watched students hurrying from the bookstore and groups of people pointing out different buildings. Then it occurred to me, I have no idea which class is first on Monday morning. I can tell you the names of each class and where it is, but I really don’t know which one I have to be to first. I guess I will check the good ol’ Campus Information System and print my weekly schedule. That way, I will arrive at the right class and at the right time. And, maybe I’ll blend with all the other people walking to and from class with a piece of paper in their hands. At least Monday evening I’ll know what else I forgot.

  • The German Professor

    I know thats a pretty old blogpost, but that picture you’ve attached to the article really cracked me up!
    Specially the ‘licensed character shirt’, reminds me of my favorite scooby-doo t-shirt!