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Exploring the space between the notes


Among a host of accomplishments, Robert Baldwin is director of orchestral activities at the University of Utah’s School of Music, and music director for the Salt Lake Symphony.

He also blogs, writing about things musical to be sure, but also beyond. His blog —  Before the Downbeat – is subtitled as “thoughts on music, creativity, imagination, and exploring the space between the notes” and that is a very accurate description. In just the most recent essays, he touches on the Olympics; the shootings in Aurora, Colorado; David Beckham; nature; and the 1812 Overture (on July 4th).

It is a thoughtful, sometimes thought-provoking, and always edifying read. If you are musically inclined–and perhaps especially if you are not–click through to Rob’s blog. His writing is engaging and accessible, and you are guaranteed to learn something new. 

We at the U are blessed with many talented faculty who share their gifts with the larger community. RedThread will link to Rob’s posts now and again. That is, until RT readers bookmark Before the Downbeat and go there directly.


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