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Employment numbers–down for the count

We've been down so long, it's beginning to look like up to the stock market.  For the week of Nov. 29 to Dec. 3, the Dow rose 290

Mount Erebus, our resident volcano, towers above our camp on a sunny day yet disappears completely in the snow.  The summit elevation of Mount Erebus, is 12,448 ft (3,794 meters).  Photo credit: Cindy Furse

Fire and Ice

Antarctica in its spring time is a supremely beautiful, wild, rugged landscape.
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Live from Antarctica Week 4

Antarctica Math-pedition team members check in with with Tim Hughes, host of KSL Outdoors. The program airs Saturdays from 6:00 to 8:00AM on 1160 AM in Salt Lake

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RedThread Retiring

It’s been a good run all, but RedThread is ready for retirement. We’re consolidating with FYI, our faculty and staff newsletter, to create a comprehensive, campus-wide online publication dubbed @TheU, where you can find information for all of the …

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