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Crimson Nights Nightmare

Crimson Nights — White Panda

This Friday’s Crimson Nights goes dark, like spooky, wet-the-bed scary dark. With Halloween around the corner, things may get downright nightmarish at UPC‘s bi-semester party at the Union, and attendees are encouraged to wear their most fabulous costumes. As always, the doors open at 9 p.m. and don’t close until the wee hour of 2 a.m.

Crimson Nightmare

Headlining Crimson Nightmare! — aside from the legendary “Haunted Hallway” — is electronic hip-hop trio K Theory based out of San Francisco. They combine vocals and live conducting with sugary sampling to create an energetic and unique show.

It’s the second big-name EDM group Crimson Nights has attracted this year. To cap off the first week of school, White Panda performed their mashup magic to a record crowd. As you can see below, they did not disappoint.

Crimson Nights at the University of Utah

So, don’t be scared (unless you’re in that “Haunted Hallway”) and enjoy another great party at the U with Crimson Nightmare!

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