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Everyone looked pretty different the next morning

Antarctica 2012: The Great Shave and Other Distractions

The great shave has come! The crew of the Aurora Australis has supported Camp Quality for many years. Camp Quality's purpose is to "create a better life for

Christian in 40 knot wind.

Antarctica 2012: Balmy Breezy Blizz

Warm weather welcomed us to our fourth ice station. This can be an indicator that a storm is coming in, and our subfreezing heat wave was no exception.


When a Game Launch is More than a Game

In an open letter to his students today, Roger Altzier, director of game design and production in the University of Utah's Entertainment Arts & Engineering Program, announced the

Leaping_penguin (2)

Antarctica 2012: Emperor Penguins on an Unstable Floe

Small occurrences have suggested the Aurora is finally becoming my home. Doors in the ship are spring loaded, but each with a different amount of closing pressure. I finally


Antarctica 2012: Bitter Cold

Our days trapped in the ice were well used. We performed data analysis, we discussed worksite efficiency, and Ken gave a very well received talk about the application


Antarctica 2012: Ice Station 2

Following the break-up of our first ice station we sailed on to find a very suitable floe in which to plant our ship. The mooring of


Antarctica 2012: Ice at last!

Yesterday was truly one for celebration. Many ships are well steeped in tradition, and the Aurora is no exception. As we abandoned the "Furious Fifty" latitudes for the

Incident-Response-Stretcher-Training (2)

Antarctica 2012: The Furious Fifties, or Preparing for Rougher Days

We've moved below the 50th latitude, into an area cheerfully dubbed the "furious fifties." We have not yet encountered rough seas on an epic scale, but the swells


Antarctica 2012: A Geeky Cruise?

We have now been at sea for a few days and everyone is rapidly falling into routine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner act as anchor points around which all

Life boat on the Aurora

Antarctica 2012: And we’re off

The Aurora Australis has set sail! The seas have been calm, and I do not know anyone that has experienced any seasickness. Immediately after boarding the vessel we

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