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Joseph Biggs displays his larger-than-life artwork.

Now Open: 9 Line Trail Linking SLC West to East

Early winter did not deter planners and community members from marking the opening of The 9 Line on Saturday Nov. 5.  [caption id="attachment_6514" align="alignright" width="250" caption="SLC Mayor Ralph Becker tries


Plenty of Fish in the Sea

We want to feel valuable, fulfilled, challenged, and loved. But there are a lot of options out there… To help students find their perfect match, on October 20th, the

Architecture Building on U campus, built in 1970, set for net zero retrofit.

Scheer on Energy, Net Zero That Is

Rethink, reuse, recycle. If you’re like me, those words lead you to think about recycling cans, glass bottles, food scraps--maybe even out-worn clothing. But how about an entire

benches 007

When ‘You’re Benched’ is a Good Thing

Say you’re about to have surgery. You would likely draw comfort knowing your surgeon had prior experience with real patients. Med students who have worked with professionals --


Studying Abroad in Sweden: Abba, Ikea, and Me?

My name is Solveig Rundquist and I am a Ute. Born in Salt Lake City and raised my entire life in Utah, I’m a desert girl through and


Your story begins here… ASUU is here to help make it a good one

On a campus of 31,000 students, one person might feel inconsequential. But truth is, every student—whether an undeclared freshman from Park City, pre-med student from Wisconsin, or grad student


Back from Down Under: A Fulbrighter Says “Just Do It”

As two graduate students from the U prepare to embark on their time abroad researching and teaching in South Asia, another U “Fulbrighter”—Lynnette


U Students ‘Drive’ Rail to Trail Project, Linking West and East SLC

Have you ever looked at an old abandoned building or rusted out relic and thought to yourself,  ‘It would be so neat to bring that back to life


Waste Not, Want Not: How to Run a “Zero-Waste” Event

Since the day I started working in the Office of Sustainability over a year ago I have been asking myself: ‘how can I reduce

Peter Coffinweb

Art and Audience: Making Magic Happen

There is something magical about the exchange that can happen between an artwork and a viewer. In spring of 2010, the Museum of Modern

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RedThread Retiring

It’s been a good run all, but RedThread is ready for retirement. We’re consolidating with FYI, our faculty and staff newsletter, to create a comprehensive, campus-wide online publication dubbed @TheU, where you can find information for all of the …

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