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Peer Mentoring and U

By David Derezotes, Professor and Director of the Bridge Clinic, College of Social Work, University of Utah Test anxiety, papers due, pop

Young Woman Facing the Sky

Changing Addictive Thinking with Positive Psychology

Patricia Henrie-Barrus, Ph.D. is assistant professor of educational psychology at the University of Utah, and also a practicing clinical therapist in the growing and exciting new


The Stigma of Food Stamps

By Lindsay Gezinski, Assistant Professor, College of Social Work, University of Utah How many times have you heard a statement like this? “A friend of a friend

Joseph Biggs displays his larger-than-life artwork.

Now Open: 9 Line Trail Linking SLC West to East

Early winter did not deter planners and community members from marking the opening of The 9 Line on Saturday Nov. 5.  [caption id="attachment_6514" align="alignright" width="250" caption="SLC Mayor Ralph Becker tries

Medical Staff Tending a Patient

Design Thinking in Health Care “The Patient Experience Project”

Most individuals have had some sort of experience with the medical system over the past year, whether directly as a patient or indirectly as a friend or family

Flowers get space in the garden too, to promote pollination--and beauty.

Food For Thought–Edible Campus Gardens Might Be More Important Than You Think

The most beautiful place on the campus of the University of Utah is relatively unknown. Hidden behind a peeling edifice, the back of an old theater and a

Sad Teenage Girl

Our Collective Responsibilities for Those Struggling with Suicidal Thoughts

By David Derezotes, Professor, College of Social Work, University of Utah Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released research findings that Utah had the highest


U Students ‘Drive’ Rail to Trail Project, Linking West and East SLC

Have you ever looked at an old abandoned building or rusted out relic and thought to yourself,  ‘It would be so neat to bring that back to life

Food For Thought

Nutrition has been heavily neglected in the past century. Coronary artery disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer are on the rise, and have been for quite a


What does 5-2-1-0 have to do with obesity?

According to Elizabeth A. Joy, associate professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine and collegues Dot Verbrugge, Ross Hightower and Nicole Mihalopolous, the numeric represents a program

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