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"The freedoms, equalities, and democracy we think we have – and say we want – need constant and diligent oversight, attention, and advocacy."

Public Education Needs Social Justice Education

The importance of a “good” education cannot be overemphasized.  Most people will agree that they want society’s children to be educated.  It’s in our best interest.  What can

Are You a DREAMer?

By Irene M. Ota, Diversity Coordinator & Development Officer, College of Social Work, University of Utah and Trinh Mai, Assistant Professor/Lecturer & Special Assistant to the

Getting Ready for Turkey, Bursa, Turkey, That Is.

Six of us social work faculty are preparing departure to Bursa, Turkey, via Istanbul for the Alliance of UniversRuthiRuth ties for Democracy (AUDEM) conference. AUDEM is a collaboration

Women’s Resource Center

Do you know where you are going? Have you ever wondered where you can go to get help? The Women's Resource Center is here to help

Home Again…The After Effects

I have been home now for almost one month and am staring down the face of another school year. In reflecting upon my experiences in Costa Rica, I have

El Pan de Costa Rica

El Pan de Costa Rica Bread is one of the most ancient foods of humanity. Its relevance is included in world religions that use bread as a symbol of

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RedThread Retiring

It’s been a good run all, but RedThread is ready for retirement. We’re consolidating with FYI, our faculty and staff newsletter, to create a comprehensive, campus-wide online publication dubbed @TheU, where you can find information for all of the …

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