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Bob McDonald

Alumnus Nominated to Lead Veterans Affairs

University of Utah alumnus Robert McDonald has been nominated by President Barack Obama to be the secretary of Veterans Affairs. McDonald earned his MBA from the David Eccles

1952 “Beast III” Streamliner © Peter Harholdt.

Did You Miss These?

It's a challenge to keep up with everyone and everything going on at the University of Utah. Here is a sampling culled from the U's website today May


Making the Most of the Beetles – an alternative use of standing dead forest wood

Brandon Loomis wrote an article in the September 22, 2011 Salt Lake Tribune titled, “Our Dying Forests, Beetles Gnaw Through Utah, West” in

The University of Utah’s Startups Cited in Salt Lake City’s Top Business Ranking

Where in the world would you find one of 15 hottest, up-and-coming cities for conducting business? That's a question posed by Fortune Magazine when it recently set out to find


The “Triple Bottom Line” of Recycling

The University of Utah aims to divert almost 50 percent of its current, overall waste – as stated by the 2010 Climate Action Plan – a


Employment numbers–down for the count

We've been down so long, it's beginning to look like up to the stock market.  For the week of Nov. 29 to Dec. 3, the Dow rose 290

Utah’s ‘secrets’ out of the bag

When it comes to economic measurements, most states have experienced decreased output, a loss of jobs and budget shortfalls during the recent economic downturn.  But according to rankings published on

Foreclosures in Crisis: Plenty of Blame, What’s the Solution?

Consumer rights advocate and University of Utah professor of law Christopher Peterson has been studying, writing, lecturing

Is the Recession Over?

By Peter Philips, professor and chair, Department of Economics, University of Utah Recently released statistics indicate good news and bad news which

Manhattan Madness

As I lay fast asleep on a Saturday morning a familiar sound woke me. No, it was not the sound of birds chirping or a rooster crowing. Not

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