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KSL Outdoors radio show goes way outdoors…to Antarctica

Listen in to weekly updates on the Math-pedition with Tim Hughes, host of KSL Outdoors. The program airs Saturdays from 6:00 to 8:00AM on 1160 AM in Salt

The new Pac-12 includes some very environmentally-conscious schools.

Joining the Green PAC-12

Hey Ute fans!  Grab your bicycle, that reusable coffee mug, and locate the nearest recycling bin because we’re entering the PAC-12!  [caption id="attachment_4563" align="alignright" width="162" caption="The new PAC-12 includes


Zipping Around Antarctica!

November 19, 2010 -- Today we zipped around the Antarctic Peninsula to our new home on the sea ice in the shadow of Mount Erebus.  It was about


New Zealand behind, Antarctica ahead!

I am actually headed to Antarctica.  We have left New Zealand, and are now on a five hour flight to the Antarctic Continent, where we will arrive at


Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Bookmark this)

For those of you following the UofU's Antarctica Math-Pedition, the team has provided a way to keep in touch with conditions on the ground while the team is


Auckland Jog Blog

Auckland is stunning. There are palm trees everywhere, and it was almost 80 degrees outside. Security entering Australia seemed bad, but it was nothing compared to customs in


The Year Anonymity Came Under Attack (For Some of Us)

Perhaps it's a little soon for the standard year-end “this is the year that was” retrospective. After all, it's only November, and we have important things to worry

In yet another plane.

Returning to School (Reflection on an Origin)

My voyage to Antarctica is underway, and at the moment I am a man in flight.  For weeks the ice sheet has been the sole occupant of my

The brine inclusions in sea ice.

Sea Ice, Climate Change, and Polar Ecosystems

The electrical measurements we make on this expedition will help us better understand key processes in sea ice, and improve projections of climate change and the response of

Cindy Furse trying out cold-weather boots.

Dress for success in Antarctica

At 10am today*, we headed out to Antarctica New Zealand, which was just a short walk away. We passed by some snow cats and were excited to be

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