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 President Dave Pershing wound his way through Utah on a state-wide tour this summer. Over the past several weeks, The Great Red Road Trip tookPresident Pershing to nearly every corner of the state–to learn from leaders in the wide variety of communities that make up our state and to showcase what the U has to offer its citizens.

At Beaver Hospital, President David Pershing is given a firsthand look at how telemedicine from University of Utah hospitals can provide specialist-quality stroke and burn care to patients in rural Utah.

In the last week of June, visiting from St. George to Salina, the president visited operations that make products as diverse as ice cream and rocket propellent (started by U alumni), that hire the U’s mining engineers, and that make use of telemedicine connections to the University Hospital. He spent time at Dixie State College, Southern Utah University and Snow College to build on connections with leaders, faculty and students for collaborating now and in the future.

Update: the tour completed a swing through northeastern Utah July 11th, including stops throughout the Uintah Basin to learn about water, energy, dinosaur research and the growing appetite for higher education in the area.

President Pershing at Dinosaur National Monument with Dan Chure.

Keep up with the journey online at The Great Red Road Trip.

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