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Green Classes

“For nearly 15 years, University of Utah students have transformed two patches of their campus from sprawling green lawns into productive vegetable gardens…” according to a paper in the June issue of the journal Sustainability. The profile goes on to describe that the gardens are more than simply a plot of vegetables, but rather a living laboratory where “students of different disciplines have begun using the gardens as a catlyst for unique academic research, thus demonstrating the gardens’ intrinsic value to the campus as a whole.”

A couple of the examples cited: In biology, students focused on the use of nitrogen isotope analysis to compare leafy greens grown organically or commercially; a bioretention study is underway by graduate students in civil engineering to learn about systems to confine and denature toxins in the urban environment; and a design student building garden  signage from salvaged materials says her garden experience has revitalized her enthusiasm for academics.

The article is available to download online in the June 2012 issue of Sustainability.

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