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Salt Lake City is a bike-friendly town, so it comes as little surprise that the University of Utah was recently deemed a Bicycle Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists. The U is one of 44 colleges in 25 states to gain the recognition, and on its first application, the U reached the  Silver Level for 2012.

In its announcement, the League made note of the U’s innovative on-road facilities, bicycle-related academic course offerings, a successful anti-theft campaign, on-campus bike rental, bike collective and a wealth of pro-cycling policies.

“Bikes and their riders are not strangers at the U,” saya Heidi Goedhart, the U’s bicycle coordinator. “Over the years, cycling has gathered more attention as a healthy and sustainable mode of active transportation.”  An increasing number of University students, faculty and staff are using bicycles to commute to campus and many groups inside the U and in the surrounding communities are working to enhance biking as a viable transportation alternative.

“We’re conveniently situated within a Silver Bicycle Friendly Community that is surrounded by excellent mountain bike and road bike ways, as well as a growing cycling community. With the adoption of our new Bicycle Master Plan, we have proven our commitment to planning the university’s future with bicycles by outlining a set of clear goals and objectives.”

The League’s designation lasts four years, at which time the U must reapply to maintain — or improve — its status. Moving forward, the U hopes to capitalize on its commitment and encourage ridership. Some of the plans include expanding parking areas, offering bicycle valets at more university events, expanding the rental program, developing more bike paths and routes as well as engaging riders with promotions and events.  

For more information or to get involved with cycling efforts on this bike friendly campus, contact Heidi at or visit the U’s Bike Facebook page.

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