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Adam Gully (Adam Gully)

I am a graduate student in mathematics working with Professor Ken Golden. Since I was an undergraduate, I have been working on the mathematics of sea ice. In the fall of 2007, I was fortunate enough to take part in the SIPEX (Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystem eXperiment) with Professor Golden.


Alycia Parnell (Alycia Parnell)

Alycia Parnell is an Environmental Studies major at the U and an intern with the Utah Museum of Natural History, in partnership with the U's MUSE program. She is working on the Museum's "Nature of Things" lecture series.

Amy Thompson (Amy Thompson)

Amy is a student in the Salt Lake City Workshop, a program that resides in the University of Utah's department of city and metropolitan planning.

Andrew Thompson Landerghini (Andrew Thompson Landerghini)

Hi, my name is Andy. I am a new media specialist for the University of Utah's Marketing and Communications office. I like cities, mountains and smart growth. I also love the Chicago Cubs though that can sometimes be very depressing :(

Armandosol (Armando Solorzano)

Professor at Family and Consumer Studies and Ethnic Studies

belz (John Belz)

Dr. John Belz is reseach associate professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Utah.

Christoph Dressler (Christoph Dressler)

Christoph directs the Go Learn Program at the U's Continuing Education department. Go Learn is an educational travel program for the inquisitive learner. With the world as our classroom, we offer boutique travel experiences steeped in discovery in which participants explore topics, lands and issues with intimate travel groups led by University of Utah experts. Check it out!

Cindy Furse (Cindy Furse)

Dr. Cindy Furse is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the U. She is also the Assoc. VP for Research. For more information on this trip, email

ColleenP (Colleen Pidge)

I am a married mother of five children. This will be my third year at the U, working towards a degree in elementary education. I work part time at a youth shelter for teenage girls who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. I have a busy and hectic life, but I love it.

College of Social Work

The faculty and staff of the University of Utah College of Social Work are committed to educating and training social workers who will shape institutional policies, services, and interventions; prevent and alleviate human suffering; enhance individual, family, community, and global well-being; and promote social and economic justice.

David Lubbers (David Lubbers)

David Rudd (David Rudd)

M. David Rudd is Dean of the University of Utah's College of Social and Behavioral Science. Prior to Utah, he served as professor and chair of psychology at Texas Tech University. Rudd received his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and his Ph.D. from the University of Texas-Austin. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship in cognitive therapy at the Beck Institute in Philadelphia. Rudd’s research focuses on clinical suicidology, cognitive therapy, as well as ethics and regulatory issues in psychology. With more than 170 publications, Rudd’s research has been recognized by numerous national and international awards.

Emily Washburn (Emily Washburn)

Emily Washburn is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in English Teaching and hoping to minor in Journalism or Spanish. She is also a public relations specialist in the U's College of Social and Behavioral Science. Notably, Washburn earned a black belt in karate at the age of seven, and she is also proudly a "Ute through and through."

gdietrich (Gretchen Dietrich)

Gretchen Dietrich is executive director of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. She has 20 years experience in the museum field and has worked at some of the finest art museums in the country including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, Conn. She has also served as executive director of the Utah Museums Association, a nonprofit umbrella organization that advocates for the state's museums.

Heidi Brett (Heidi Brett)

Heidi Brett is public relations specialist for the J. Willard Marriott Library on the campus of the University of Utah. She holds a Master of Professional Communications from Westminster College. Her interests include: the natural world all around us, all creatures great and small, and people who make a difference

Irene M. Ota

Irene Maya Ota is the diversity coordinator and an instructor for the University of Utah College of Social Work. She earned her bachelor's degree in cultural anthropology, her master's degree in public administration, and is currently a doctoral student in the U's Department of Education, Culture, and Society. Her research and studies have primarily focused on minority populations and identity formation. (Photo: Nathan Sweet/The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Jade Ozawa-Kirk (Jade Ozawa-Kirk)

Jade Ozawa-Kirk is a recent U graduate preparing for graduate studies in Clinical Psychology with a focus on incorporating Positive Psychology principles in therapy. In her free time she enjoys teaching Pilates, tutoring high school students, knitting and gastronomy.

jagutter (Jim Agutter)

Jim Agutter is Assistant Professor of Design at the College of Architecture + Planning at the University of Utah. He has worked on innovation and information design challenges for over 14 years. His research work has focused on the application of 2D and 3D design concepts to large scale, real-time data environments. He has published extensively in the area of information visualization and interdisciplinary collaboration. He received 2004 2005 Creative Achievement Award by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) for his work and received 2009 University of Utah Honors Professorship.

jhale (Justin Hale)

I'm a married man with 3 children. Mass Comm major, and a proud Ute. I will graduate in May of 2010. I love photography, playing with my family, having deep thoughts and discussing them, and chilling out with all my friends.

Joyce Lin (Joyce Lin)

I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Utah.

Ken Golden (Ken Golden)

I am a Professor of Mathematics and Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Utah. I first started studying sea ice at NASA when I was in high school. Then I did research on radar propagation in sea ice, viewed as a composite material of pure ice with brine and air inclusions, at the US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab (CRREL) while I was an undergraduate at Dartmouth College. My early studies of sea ice led to a career as a mathematician specializing in theoretical models of the effective properties of composite materials. I've traveled to Antarctica five times - my first time in college, and five times to the Arctic. All my previous trips south have been on US or Australian icebreakers studying sea ice in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. I am excited that I will finally have the chance this time to set foot on the frozen continent itself.

Nick Schou (Nick Schou)

Nick Schou is a Graduate Student in Environmental Humanities and an Intern at the University of Utah Office of Sustainability.You can reach Nick at

Peter Philips (Peter Philips)

Peter Philips is Professor of Economics, Chair of the Economics Department and senior labor economist at the University of Utah. He received a B.A. from Pomona College and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Stanford University. His specialty is labor economics and the economic development of labor markets.

Rachel Sier (Rachel Sier)

I am an undergraduate at the University of Utah, studying biomedical engineering with a minor in nutrition. I am interested in exploring changes in body pH levels and the role of eating properly in order to treat and prevent cancer.

Rick Forster (Rick Forster)

Rick Forster is a professor of geography at the University of Utah. His research interests include glaciology, microwave remote sensing, radar interferometry and snow pack remote sensing. He holds a PhD. in geophysics from Cornell, and an M.S. in electrical engineering from University of Kansas.

Robert W Gehl

Gehl is an assistant professor of new media in the department of communication at the University of Utah. He conducts cultural studies-based research into computer mediated communication with a particular interest in social Web sites, computer architecture, and the history of the Internet.

Ross Chambless (Ross Chambless)

Ross Chambless is a graduate student in Environmental Humanities and a Communications Intern with the Office of Sustainability.

Ryan Smith (Ryan Smith)

Smith is associate professor of architecture and the Director of the Integrated Technology in Architecture Center (ITAC), an interdisciplinary building technology and science center that works to flatten the process and products that lead to sustainable design and construction practice.

Samson Mutua (Samson Mutua)

Active Student @U. Cytologist. Utes fun. President Young's Ambassador Prospective Medical Student!

Sara Pickett (Sara Pickett)

Sara Pickett is marketing and public relations specialist for the U's College of Fine Arts.

seanlawson (Sean Lawson)

Sean Lawson is assistant professor in the University of Utah's Department of Communication.

Solveig Rundquist (Solveig Rundquist)

Solveig is majoring in International Studies at the U and spending the 2011-12 academic year at Södertörn, a university in Huddinge, Sweden near Stockholm.

Teena (Tina Moleni)

Recently completed the MSW program and starting my PhD in the Fall with the College of Social Work. Come from a large family of four brothers and four sisters who are all very talented and very close. My father is from the beautiful islands of Tonga and my Mother is from the beautiful island of Idaho** **Live Simply, Laugh Often, Love Deeply** I try to live by this daily.

Thad Hall (Thad Hall)

Hall is associate professor of political science and a research fellow at the Institute of Public and International Affairs at the University of Utah. Hall's primary research interest is in the administration of elections and the implementation of voting technologies. He also studies the policy-making process more broadly, and has published in both arenas.

Thunder Jalili (Thunder Jalili)

Thunder Jalili, Ph.D., is associate professor of nutrition, University of Utah College of Health.

tparks (Thomas Parks)

Thomas Parks is Vice President for Research and a professor of neurobiology and anatomy at the University of Utah.

ualumn96 (Kate Ferebee, U of U Public Relations)

Kate Ferebee is public relations specialist for the University of Utah.

UintahMom (Janet Frasier)

I'm Janet Frasier, a "Uintah Mom". I work on the University of Utah campus as the director of marketing at the Utah Museum of Natural History. The Museum is our state natural history museum and located on the U of U campus, currently on Presidents Circle, and, soon, in Research Park. The Museum a great resource in my family's exploration of our adopted home of Utah. And the campus is the center of our cultural and enrichment world. Go Utes!

Valoree Dowell (Valoree Dowell)

Salt Lake native, on my second life. Crazy about the mountains, snow skiing and my two granddaughters. Editor of RedThread, which gives me access to the brightest, most innovative thinkers, researchers around--namely the people that make the University of Utah. They think and do, I get the word out about their work. U alum. U staff. U fan.

Whitney Williams (Whitney Williams)

Whitney Williams is the coordinator for the Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund program in the Office of Sustainability at the University of Utah. She is also working on her Masters of Environmental Policy here at the U.

whitneyevans (Whitney Evans)

I am a University of Utah student pursuing a masters of social work degree. My classmates and I took part in a service learning class taught by Dr. Christina Gringeri (College of Social Work) and Dr. Armando Solorzano (Department of Family and Consumer Studies and the Department of Ethnic Studies). The three credit hour class provided intense Spanish classes at Conversa and allowed us to paint in an elementary school or participate in an ecological preservation project. I arrived in Costa Rica a week before class to tour some of the country’s national parks. I stayed a week after class to raft the Pacuare River.