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Salt Lake native, on my second life. Crazy about the mountains, snow skiing and my two granddaughters. Editor of RedThread, which gives me access to the brightest, most innovative thinkers, researchers around--namely the people that make the University of Utah. They think and do, I get the word out about their work. U alum. U staff. U fan.

Op/Ed: NFL lawsuit highlights dangers of football

Meet Joe Cooper

“Path-breaking” new book by Matt Basso on World War II


Go Fl’Utes!


Exploring the space between the notes

RT painted pony profile

Girls in Science Just Want to Have Fun

HCZ at JCC dancer

Gypsy Jazz from U Students: Hot Club of Zion

Abbey book cover

Edward Abbey Now, and Then


U of U poet lands grant to digitize and analyze poetry

View from theatre site is toward 9/11 Memorial.

U Architecture Students: Have Project, Will Travel

benches 007

When ‘You’re Benched’ is a Good Thing


Your story begins here… ASUU is here to help make it a good one

How to Toast One Who’ll “Never Retire”

PAC-12 Day 2

What’s New at the U: Everything

SWAY'D Pre-Show 2

Be ‘Sway’d’ by Temporary Art Works

sueColman-300px (2)

Leadership in the “Marketplace of Ideas”: Lessons from a Lifetime in Academia

The University of Utah: Best College for Winter Enthusiasts

Loving Winter: It’s All Academic


Math-Pedition Last Call


Live from Antarctica Week 4

Katherine Coles, Author, Poet

Poetry on Ice


Live from Antarctica weeks 2 and 3


KSL Outdoors radio show goes way outdoors…to Antarctica


Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Bookmark this)


Opinion: Energy Task Force should consider public health costs

Utah’s ‘secrets’ out of the bag

Foreclosures in Crisis: Plenty of Blame, What’s the Solution?

The data show it's dangerous, possibly addicting. Experts agree, but trouble is on the horizon.

“Hang Up and Drive!”


Urban stream stewardship, learning from the Red Butte Creek spill


Barberi’s World! being a true and accurate account of the birth of Utah Tailgaters

Ashley Cooper harvesting Lolla Rosa lettuce.

“Pioneering” Tradition Lives on in Campus Organic Gardens

U’s Asia Center is Now a National Resource Center

When UofU Students Take the Initative, Green Happens

Is the Recession Over?

The new kids in town…farmers!

Take a Hike…from the U’s own backyard

Utah’s way of picking candidates robs voters

Vancouver Olympic Games: The experience lives on…in SLC.

You’d go to the University of (fill in the blank), why?

Slow Coffee

Fresh peaches at your dorm step; get ‘em while you can

U Freshmen: I come from the future

Nineteen Minutes from Paradise

Red Sky in Morning, Sailor Take Warning; Dark Sky at Night, Everyone’s Delight.

The end of civilization as we know it: text is a four-letter word

What’s in Your ‘Hood? The Red Edge of Wilderness

Take a little off the seat and thighs, please

What’s in your ‘hood? A BLT and architecture worth saving

Ultimate Stress Reliever Knits Campus Together

The “Play” Envelope is Empty Now, But Not for Long

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