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Dr. Cindy Furse is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the U. She is also the Assoc. VP for Research. For more information on this trip, email

Arctic Research — Here We Come!

Mount Erebus, our resident volcano, towers above our camp on a sunny day yet disappears completely in the snow.  The summit elevation of Mount Erebus, is 12,448 ft (3,794 meters).  Photo credit: Cindy Furse

Fire and Ice


Zipping Around Antarctica!


Four (Airplane) Touchdowns


What Will We Be Measuring in Antarctica?

Mrs Corlett and Miss Bain KG

Welcome to St. Xavier School!

pancake ice

Antarctic Math-pedition – 3 – Ponies and Ice

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Antarctic Math-Pedition — 2 — Where are we going?

pancake ice

University of Utah Antarctica Math-pedition

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