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Arctic Research — Here We Come!


For those who followed us on our Antarctic Expedition, we are off on another adventure and invite you to come along…

The countdown and preparation begins! We are getting ready to go to Barrow, Alaska to repeat tests done in Antarctica on the opposite pole of the world. Dr.Ken Golden (math), Dr. Cindy Furse (electrical engineering), PhD student Christian Sampson (math), and undergrad-turned-masters student David Lubbers (electrical engineering) are heading out May 13-23, 2011.

We will be measuring how fluid moves through the ice and its electrical properties and trying to correlate the two. Our previous results from Antarctica look very interesting and promising, and we are hoping to see similar good stuff in the Arctic.

We have some other great news this week — Dr. Ken was just honored as a new ‘Fellow’ of the SIAM mathematics community. This is a tremendous honor, and we are proud of him!

He will be giving a talk on the Frozen Ocean and Climate Change next Wednesday, April 14, 2011 at noon at the Gould Auditorium of the Marriott Library. Come hear more about how math and climate mix.

‘In the fall of 2010, Ken Golden, Professor of Mathematics and Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Utah, led the NSF sponsored United States research team on an international expedition to study Antarctica’s frozen sea and its role in Earth’s climate. A sea ice and climate expert, Professor Golden will discuss his findings at this lecture.’

Check out the WEATHER in Barrow, Alaska:

Brrr! And this time they don’t provide coats. I better figure out just how many layers I can bundle up in.

  • Andrew Johnson

    This looks like an incredible experience.

  • benefitsofdrinkingwater

    What a wonderful website, I would love to go on an arctic research trip.