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Antarctic Math-Pedition — 2 — Where are we going?

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Antarctica is on the southern tip of the world.
Antarctica is on the southern tip of the world.
We will first fly to Australia, then Christchurch, New Zealand. Then we will take a transport plane to McMurdo Base in Antarctica.

McMurdo Station. From

Then on to Scott Base ( :

Scott Base, Antarctica. From,_Antarctica,_Jan_2006.jpg

And then we will take a snow cat another 200-300 km out to a remote base, supported by outfitter Tim Haskell.

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Here are some pictures of other remote bases, but I am not really sure what ours will look like. Guess that will be one of the surprises of the trip for me….

Here is my question of the day:
If YOU were going to Antarctica, what would you take with YOU?
Math of the Day:
How far is 200-300 km? In the US, we usually calculate this in miles. So, let’s find out how many miles this is.  We know that 1 kilometer = 0.621371192 miles, so 200 km x .62 miles/km = 124 miles.

Hmm. That is far enough, I don’t think I can cross country ski out!