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Advice From Current Students and Alumni to Incoming Freshmen

Move-In Day at Honors Housing

With fall semester 2013 soon upon us, we asked current U students and alumni on Facebook if they had any advice for the newbies descending down onto campus. Of the 144 comments (and counting), here are some of the most choice golden nuggets of wisdom:

Mara Gg: “Take trax- parking is a nightmare and they really will boot your car on campus if you get too many tickets at expired meters (funny story now, not funny then!). Take a random class each semester this year even if it doesn’t fit your planned major. You’ll meet new people and who knows how your plans will change in the next few years :)”

Rebecca Roe Hale: “Don’t be afraid to meet with an adviser frequently.”

Alijana Kahriman: “Stop depending on mommy & daddy. It’s time to kick yourself into gear!”

Wendy Franz Coleman: “Make friends in all of your classes…you will need them one day.”

Stephanie Pollitz Talbot: “Take advantage of the DARS! Use the reports often to stay on the right track!”

Melanie Bushnell: “Don’t skip class. Ever.”

Jamon Charles Cline: “Set up a schedule you know you’ll stick with. It’s all well and good to take 18 credit hours with a class that starts at 7 am, but going to college won’t magically make you a more productive person.”

Taylor Ogden: “You’re paying the professors and and advisors to work for you. If you don’t feel like your classes are going well, don’t be afraid to talk to them about how you can improve your experience (but don’t be a jerk to them either).”

Joe Fire: “Don’t park in my parking spot ;) (as parking is quite limited on campus).”

Tristin Tabish: “These are the good times, dive in!! (we rarely realize we’re in the good times until long after they’re gone).”

Sean Spencer Quinonez: “It’s okay to be a newb. Be friendly and courteous to others, like you were taught. Don’t be not awesome, especially when you feel like you’re not. Have bad morning/afternoons/evenings, not bad days. The bookstore is expensive. Smile and wave. There are even eggheads who sleep in class. Make friends. Remember, learning is more important than getting straight A’s, but since you’re paying to be judged by how well you do on tests, you might as well strive to do good on them.”

Rebecca Symes: “Wear your pajamas to class & eat ice cream 4 breakfast. These are some of the best years of Your life — ENJOY them while they last.”

And, the most popular piece of advice (with 27 “likes”) came from Stephen Heylen: “Don’t wear blue.”

Well said.

One piece of advice from this author (and U alum) — don’t hesitate to ask. If you’ve got a question about the U, message us on Facebook, Tweet us, or send us an email at We may not have the answer, but we’ll find somebody that does.