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A Tale of Two Seasons: Utah Football, Week Two

Editor’s Note: Ty Cobb is the photo editor for The Daily Utah Chronicle.


Fans watched from the stands or thousands of miles away as Utah Football marched onto the Spartan field, expecting them to wipe the floor with San Jose players. And 60 minutes later, we marched off the field winners—but the victory was hollow.

Utah has faced challenges before. Competing against conference foe UNLV in game two of 2008, our beloved team couldn’t score in the first quarter. The Rebels had embarrassed the Utes in Las Vegas in ’07—leaving a bitter memory for staunch Utah fans, myself included. So coming home after Michigan last year, Utah was looking for vengeance against UNLV.

UNLV at Utah, 2008 (Asiata)

UNLV at Utah, 2008, No. 2

After tying the game by halftime, the Utes finally got their act together and scored four touchdowns—leaving the stadium with a 42-21 win over the team that had humiliated them the year before. Fans walked a little taller that day, ready to take on Utah State the next game.

UNLV at Utah, 2008, No. 3

UNLV at Utah 2008, No. 4

Utah at UNLV, 2008, No. 5

UNLV at Utah, 2008, No. 6

UNLV at Utah, 2008, No. 7

UNLV at Utah, 2008, No. 8

UNLV at Utah, 2008, No. 9

UNLV at Utah, 2008, No. 10

But last week, Utah left with insecurity, not pride. I walked into the stadium last Saturday expecting an easy victory. Although the team played less than exemplary in its first game, I was sure the interceptions and fumbles would be cleaned up by week two. Instead, the same fumbles and missed kicks replayed over and over like a bad sitcom. Where was the former glory of the team that time again has done the Mountain West Conference proud?

Utah at San Jose St, 2009, No. 1

Utah at San Jose St, 2009, No. 2

Utah at San Jose St, 2009, No. 3

Utah at San Jose St, 2009, No. 4

This was the team’s first road game, where they had to pass through a sea of San Jose fans that were yelling every insult known to mankind. Utah fans were not immune to taunts either as Spartans berated passing Utes each time blue and yellow came across red. At one point in the game, I looked up and saw a big hole in the student section where security was rushing to break up a fight.


Utah did show promise in their first drive as they marched down the field. Matt Asiata offered a glimmer of hope as he punched it in on the 4th down.





The team played well enough in the second half to pull out a win, but it left fans with an uneasy feeling. MUSS tickets sold out before school even started as excited fans didn’t want to miss a single play of a potentially amazing season. And now fans are valiantly hoping Utah demonstrates its currently hidden talent, but it remains to be seen whether this will occur.



Next week, your roving photographer and blogger will travel to Oregon and walk into Autzen Stadium hoping for the best along with thousands of other Utah fans. Utah—make us proud.