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A Grand Night for Singing

Wednesday night the Singers staged their first concert — a performance at the mission office of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the Czech Republic. The audience was small but appreciative–and the Singers dazzled them with an hour’s worth of world-class music. I confess I expected our European cousins to appreciate the more classical pieces in the choir’s repertoire, but it was songs like Great American Cowboy and Oklahoma that had the crowd cheering and applauding in rhythm.

¨It was good to sing again,¨ said Jane Fjeldsted, an alto and recent doctoral graduate. ¨We´ve gone for two days without singing. That´s a long time for us.¨

Late that night, too wired to sleep, some of us jumped aboard the metro and rode back to the Prague Castle for a stellar view of the city at night. We ended up at midnight flat on our backs, staring up at a the dazzling facade of St Vitus Cathedral etched in amber lights against an ebony sky. Below us, the red tiled roofs of Prague melted into the darkness while lights from the Charles Bridge danced across the surface of the Vltava River. In the empty courtyard of the Prague Castle, a place the Hapsburg emperors once called home, we talked and laughed about the concert and the tour so far and memories of the U.  It was indeed a grand night for singing.